Restroom Project 2017

Xà Nạp, Hớn Quản, Bình Phước. Stieng's community


Solar Panel Project 2017

Provide solar panels to the remote locations that never had electricity before.

Location: bản Hua Lành,  xã Bản Lầm, huyện Thuận Châu, tỉnh Sơn La.

Location: bản Pá Nó, xã Mường Bám, huyện Thuận Châu, Tỉnh Sơn La.

PROJECT 3: Improving Living Conditions


Restroom Project 2016

Location: Long He/Thuan Chau/Son La

To build a restroom, the building materials have to be carried by motorbike and by hand. All the digging is by hand as well.  It can take over a couple of months to finish 1 restroom due to transportation & weather challenges. Thanks for your donations, we were able to help churches build their own restrooms. There are still many churches that do not have restrooms.